Pipers hand written note in her unique font.  she uses lower and uppercase letters mixed within her words and likes to make large coloured in dots and full stops.  Piper is a deaf and autistic teenage artist from hackney.

'Excuse me Sir' - Notes by Piper

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Is this how Piper first met Tony Thompson or had something happened which meant she needed to get back to London quick smart to meet her boyfriend?

Piper actually wrote this when there were lots of train strikes on in the UK and I feel this was a phrase said by a lot of people who were desperate to get home.

Also we used to live in New York and Piper used to ofter say to me Excuse me Mamma, but I need to get a home to London now.  She is a Hackney girl.

Pipers art is influenced by movies, tv shows and music, where she finds that one special scene that connects to her emotionally. This can be through humour, love or tragedy. She then creatively changes the context to her personally, her relationships mainly with her (imaginary) boyfriends and family (dead or alive).

Piper has a magical way of connecting through her notes and drawings expressing how she feels that she can't put into spoken word, either due to her autism, deafness or being a teenager. This level of creativity and connection is what makes her and her art truly beautiful, unique and sometimes absolutely hilarious.

Enjoy your connection with Notes by Piper.

A4 black and white digital print