Our Story


Kate Revere, Founder, created Revere the Residence, inspired by her teenage daughter Piper.  Piper is autistic, profoundly deaf and blessed with a creative ability to be truly jealous of.  They both have a passion for interiors, styling, art and finding unusual finds from new independent creators (although Piper's passion tends more to the smaller 'vintage dolls house interiors' scale and her own art about love and heartbreaks). 

Kate, like many other parents of disabled children, has always worried about what will Piper do once she leaves education, especially as she can't read or write.   With many other talents, where will she find somewhere that inspires her, values her, and most of all, makes her feel safe? The opportunities are pretty limited. 

Only 5% of people with a learning disability are in employment in the UK.

Combining all these skills, as well as meeting Piper's needs, whilst responding to the ethics at the heart of the community they live in: Kate came up with the idea for a social enterprise.  A homeware and lifestyle shop where people can spend their money wisely, on unique products, and support their community. The Revere the Residence social enterprise was born. Knowing that many of Pipers peers needed this opportunity too in Hackney 

Kate made this her founding principle: that everyone employed or gaining work experience through Revere the Residence would be either a young adult with a disability or a parent of a disabled child. This is not for pity or praise, it’s about levelling the field.  Revere the Residence works with Mencap, colleges, community groups and local authorities to establish strong links to help give opportunities to as many people with disabilities as possible. 


If you want to or know someone that would like to be involved please email us at Kate@reveretheresidence.com