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This is Pipers drawing of her and her first love Tony Thompson. Art they getting married? Will She won't she? only time will tell

Piper has a very distinct style, Almost always drawing in black fine pen where she draws rapidly going over and over each line. She loves to add what she calls love spots (beauty spots/freckles) all over their faces to show how in love they are.

Pipers art is influenced by movies, tv shows and music, where she finds that one special scene that connects to her emotionally. This can be through humour, love or tragedy. She then creatively changes the context to her personally, her relationships mainly with her (imaginary) boyfriends and family (dead or alive).
Piper has a magical way of connecting through her notes and drawings expressing how she feels that she can't put into spoken word, either due to her autism, deafness or being a teenager. This level of creativity and connection is what makes her and her art truly beautiful, unique and sometimes absolutely hilarious.

Enjoy your connection with Notes by Piper.